Month: June 2017

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The Hypnotism of Social Media Followers

Posted OnJune 15, 2017 0
Social Media Followers-a Global Phenomenon? Social media in recent years has spread amongst the teenagers like wild fire in the woods. In the past decade, it has become somewhat of a global…
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World Environment Day
World News

Casablanca City’s contribution in the midst of the World Environment Day

Posted OnJune 14, 2017 0
During the summer in the Kingdom of Morocco, the heat index is on a constant scale of above thirty degrees Celsius, and as the temperature increases, the amount of rubbish also increases especially…
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instagram mobile
Business & Finance

How neutral comments on Instagram Posts help in getting more engagement

Posted OnJune 13, 2017 0
Comments are a way to start a conversation with someone. Comments give true meaning to the post that is made on the Instagram. Instagram has been quite famous for the picture and videos. Most of the…
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Ibn Battuta Travel
Travel & Tourism

Why ibn e Battuta is important traveller of history

Posted OnJune 12, 2017 0
Ibn Battuta is a famous traveller in history. He is renowned due to extensive experience of travelling. His full name is Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Abdullah ibn Battuta. He experienced a different…
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