How neutral comments on Instagram Posts help in getting more engagement

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How neutral comments on Instagram Posts help in getting more engagement

Posted OnJune 13, 2017 0

Comments are a way to start a conversation with someone. Comments give true meaning to the post that is made on the Instagram. Instagram has been quite famous for the picture and videos. Most of the people appreciate the picture videos by commenting and sharing these photos. A common method to gain more engagement in the post by interacting with the people who are liking the post and sharing it.

Catch the eye

Normally when a person comments with a neutral opinion on Instagram he catches the eye of the masses. Reason people mostly won’t comment while being neutral on the post. They would simply their opinion and some would even fight on the shared post. So when a person who just comments with positive feedback and encourages people to post more. He catches eyes of the people. They will start following and will take his advice on the posts. They would tag him more often and talk about different aspects of the posts. Thus the engagement between him and the different followers on the post would increase by a just act of being neutral. Positivity is always directly resultant to the positivity.

Small comments best pattern of engagement

Small and meaningful comments are the best pattern of engagement. People who post large comments on the post of Instagram mostly people would scroll through it or don’t even read it. Instagram is full of posts and people don’t waste much time on each post. They would generally reply the shortest and meaningful comment on the post and move on. But sometimes long comments are in due to deliver the message that is intended. Only long comments always deliver the intention. Two or three short comments together doesn’t look good so a long comment is due when a conversation is happening. This increases the engagement throughout.

Time of comments and Number of Followers

The timing of the comments is very important to increase the proper engagement on the post. Timings of the comment should be properly taken in mind before commenting on the post. To get an immediate response make sure the person is present online before commenting on the post. If a follower is to comment when the user is offline he would get replies back in hours. More followers means more comments. Therefore to keep getting comments, just keep buy real Instagram Followers every day. Instead of being replied back within minutes when he is online. Some comments also require precise timing to be posted to deliver the full meaning of the post.

Use Emoji’s

Nowadays neutral comments are full of the emoji. They share and change the true meaning of the comments. Sometimes comments synchronize so well with this emojis. A perfect meaning of comment can be delivered with these emoji’s so don’t shy away from using one in different comments. The person gets the full messages with these little round models that are created to described different feeling of human beings. This will increase the engagement on the post by hundred percent.

Following was a list how comments can increase the engagement.