The Hypnotism of Social Media Followers

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The Hypnotism of Social Media Followers

Posted OnJune 15, 2017 0

Social Media Followers-a Global Phenomenon?

Social media in recent years has spread amongst the teenagers like wild fire in the woods. In the past decade, it has become somewhat of a global phenomenon, especially amongst the youth. Social networking has provided a suitable platform where people can interact, exchange ideas and keep up with one another. But perhaps the greatest perk of using social media is to be able to be in your comfort zone and having the luxury of interacting from behind a screen. Networking sites have created a frenzy which has compelled everyone to be a part of it through posting pictures and updates. This frenzy is indefinitely fuelled by the social media followers, whose interest keeps it all going in an endless loop. People post pictures and updates and the overwhelming response given by the followers becomes the driving force for people to continue managing their social lives on networking sites. It plays a central role in people’s lives today and has almost become a social norm.

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It’s perhaps the common most sight to spot people busy with their phones and tabloids. The highlight of every outing are the location check-ins that people can give on Facebook and the funny jokes they can later tweet about. Food doesn’t have to just taste good but also ‘look’ good because people have Instagram followers waiting to see what you had for lunch! The followers somewhat have the impactive position that allows them to dictate people’s actions; people post what the followers want to see.

The Dilemma of having More or fewer Followers

The number of buy Instagram likes has become an apocalyptic matter for a lot of social media users. It is the newest trend and it has integrated into people’s lives effectually. People are always using their phones, may it be lying in bed late at night or checking notifications every five minutes throughout the day. And even when they are not using social media, it’s always on their mind! It has had a potent impact to such an extent that it can almost be regarded as an addiction. The mere buzz sound of the notification has them lunging for their phones. The overwhelming response from the social media users has had people stuck on their phones day and night always counting the likes and comments by the social media followers. Having a greater following on a social networking site is the new epitome of “cool”. This ideology is especially conveyed by teenagers; being the popular kid in class is heavily dependent on being popular on social media.

The Upshot of the Social Media Followers

The social media followers are the impetus behind this on-going charade. Their constant looming presence is the main aspect contributing to the animated hustle on social media. As substantial as their presence is, their absence is equally an unsettling dilemma. People who may not have a great number of social media followers are caught up in the predicament of feeling left out and neglected. The peer pressure also kicks in and people end up feeling desolate rather than connected, defeating the entire point of social media.

The social media followers play a role that is mostly conducive to people feeling connected and happy but sometimes it ends up doing the exact opposite.