Why ibn e Battuta is important traveller of history

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Why ibn e Battuta is important traveller of history

Posted OnJune 12, 2017 0

Ibn Battuta is a famous traveller in history. He is renowned due to extensive experience of travelling. His full name is Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Abdullah ibn Battuta. He experienced a different culture and people by travelling during more than half of his life. He was born on February 24, 1304. He died during 1369. He was a medieval traveller and a famous scholar. He is one of the greatest travellers of all the time in history. He travelled for more than thirty years. He travelled many Muslim and non-Muslim countries in the world.

Why an important traveller?

He is an important traveller of history because of his great experience of travelling. He is known due to travel book Rihla. We discuss some important aspects of his travelling experience from his life.

Background of his life

He was born in Tangier which is known as Morocco in the modern world. He was born on February 25, 1304. He lived in a place of Morocco which lies 45 miles to the west of the Mediterranean Sea and where Europe and Africa almost collide.

He was the only man in his family who was a scholar and was passionate about his study. In his town, there was no madrassa or education institute for getting education and learning. It motivated him to travel to other places to find best teachers and educational institutions. He was a Muslim and wanted to go to Mecca and perform Hajj. All of this was devotion to his faith.

At the age of 21, he started his journey and travel to Mecca. He travelled alone without the companionship of any other person or fellow. ThiIts made him sad because he was going to leave his parents.

Travelling experience

He stayed in Tunis and research for madrassah. He learned different Sufi aspects during his stay in a learning institute here. He left Tunis as a judge or Qadi. He travelled to Mecca during October 1326. He remained here for a year and four months. He took part in all ritual experiences and participate in a conversation with diverse people from the Islamic world. After leaving Mecca, he went to Baghdad.

He had an extensive experience of travelling. He led his complete life for travelling. He practised for his profession. He married more than ten times in his life. He went to Alexandria and stayed there as a guest of a Sufi. By observing his passion of travelling, he suggested ibn e Battuta meet other two Sufis, one in China and other in India. He travelled to many Muslim countries ad saints. He went to a saint near the Alexandria. During his travel to this saint, he experienced a wonderful dream. He had a dream that a large bird is flying and carrying him in the direction of eastward. He interpreted his dream and got the meaning of his dream. It meant that he would travel to many countries in his life. Similarly, he travelled to many non-Muslim countries also.

So, Ibn e Battuta devoted his thirty years of life for travelling. It led him to get an extensive experience. Due to his amazing travel experience, he is considered most important traveller of history.